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Simple & Intuitive Real Estate Investor Portal

Investor Portal

Provide a Modern Experience

The Best Investor Portal Experience

On SyndicationPro's real estate investor portal, Investors can view a digital PPM and deal documents, invest via multiple profiles, and eSign to invest. Users can also access investment updates and distribution updates through a simple user interface.

Investor Statements & Updates in One Place

Our real estate investor portal software allows investors to track their investments across different profile types (LLC, IRA, Trust, or Individual), generate investment reports, and download all offering and tax documents. Lower operational overhead on investor relations. Make yourself available, digitally, 24x7, 365 days a year!

Ease of Use & Delegate Access

So Simple, All Investors Can Use It

Deliver an effortless experience that won’t confuse or deter even your most tech-challenged investor. Thousands of investments later, we have perfected the investor experience to ensure they can find exactly what they need and do what they set out to do with ease. This saves you time as fundraising for your real estate syndications is seamless and investors remain happy and confident in your process.

Investors can invite co-investors, accountants and lawyers

Through the real estate investor portal dashboard, you can choose to invite co-investors, accountants, and lawyers to advice on a deal or to remain in the loop with Update and Distribution notifications.

Best-in-Class Security
Two-Factor Authentication
User-Level Data Security
Encrypted Data Transmission End-to-End
PCI DSS Certified Infrastructure

Reduce 75% time doing Q&A while raising capital

Robust and Easy-to-Use Investor CRM, Investor Portal and Investment Management Software to Increase Your Competitive Edge.