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Investor Portal Features

Enjoy two-way email sync for easy communication along with segmented contacts for sending mass emails.

The Best Investor Portal Experience

On SyndicationPro's real estate investor portal, investors can view digital PPM and deal documents, invest via multiple profiles, use eSign to invest, and more. Users can also procure investment and distribution updates through a simple user interface. Allow us to help you manage every component of the syndication process, from daily communication chains to ongoing crowdfunding campaigns.

Investor Statements & Updates in One Place

SyndicationPro makes it possible for syndicators to get investor reports, data, and other valuable information from a secure, centralized platform. Our real estate investor portal software allows investors to track their investments across different profile types (LLC, IRA, Trust, or Individual), generate investment reports, and download all offering and tax documents. Lower operational overhead on investor relations. Make yourself available, digitally, 24x7, 365 days a year!

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Ease of Use & Delegate Access

Easily adopt SyndicationPro into your business with our easy-to-use portal.

So Simple, All Investors Can Use It

Deliver an effortless experience that won’t confuse or deter even your most tech-challenged investor. Thousands of investments later, we have perfected the investor experience to ensure they can find exactly what they need and do what they set out to do with ease. This saves you time as fundraising for your real estate syndications is seamless and investors remain happy and confident in your process.

Investors Can Invite Co-Investors, Accountants, and Lawyers

Through the real estate investor dashboard, you can choose to invite co-investors, accountants, and lawyers to advise on specific deals. Also, you'll be able to always remain in the loop with Update and Distribution notifications. Our easy-to-use investor portal allows real estate syndicates to find the communication and platforming solutions that are right for them.

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Reduce 75% time doing Q&A while raising capital

Robust and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Management Software, Investor CRM and Investor Portal to Increase Your Competitive Edge.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is an Investor Portal?

As a real estate crowdfunding business, the success of your company depends on being able to reliably interact with investors. This includes distributions of operating income, soliciting new investments, and answering their questions. An investment portal is a place where all of these interactions can take place.

With SyndicationPro, you'll be able to coordinate investments, generate reports, and directly engage with every member of your team from a centralized, intuitive location. With streamlined processes and industry-leading software, guiding a real estate investment from start to finish has never been easier.

2. Can Investors Access the SyndicationPro Portal on Mobile Devices?

Yes, all investors will be able to access SyndicationPro's investor portal software on their mobile devices.

3. Can Investors Download Investor Statements on the Investor Portal?

Yes, downloading investor statements on our investor portal software is an absolute breeze. Sponsors can also procure all investor reporting on the platform. Investor reporting is incredibly rich in data at SyndicationPro.

4. Can Investors e-Sign Documents on Mobile Devices on the Investor Portal?

SyndicationPro is one of the few investor portals that not only allows investors to sign documents digitally but also enables this service on mobile devices.

5. Can I Verify Investors on the Investor Platform?

Investors can easily be verified within SyndicationPro's robust investment management software. Sponsors can also securely verify the accreditation status of investors from within the portal.

6. How Does SyndicationPro Manage Security for Its Investor Portal?

SyndicationPro has the best-in-class security when it comes to data protection. Along with two-factor authentication (2FA), SyndicationPro uses end-to-end encryption, firewalls, regular Qualys scan, and much more to ensure the security of its investor portals. Data security is a top priority at SyndicationPro.

7. Can I Recommend New Features to Be Added to SyndicationPro?

Yes, we welcome feedback and recommendations to improve our platform. If there is a feature that will help you with your fundraising and we don't have it, we're happy to make it a part of our product roadmap.

8. How Is SyndicationPro Built to Nurture Investor Relationships?

As a real estate syndicate, being able to effectively manage your relationships with investors will be critical for your long-term success. Your potential investors have a lot of options--as a syndicator, you'll need to find ways to keep leads in the pipeline and maintain productive relationships. Our customer relationship management (CRM) software makes it easy to continue expanding your enterprise while still maintaining the relationships you already have.

Access and use timely data, contact new investors, and maintain investor relations, all from one centralized location. Our software solutions are scalable, designed for collaboration, and contain the security features you need to successfully raise capital. The real estate investment community is rapidly changing--we want to help firms of all kinds become a critical part of this change.

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