Real Estate Fund Management Software

Our fund management software makes it easier than ever to coordinate with investors, generate essential reports, and manage your investor communication needs all from a streamlined, centralized location.

Comprehensive Solutions for Real Estate Syndicates

Tailor-Made Solution for Your Business

Regardless of how much assets under management you currently have, SyndicationPro is a fund software that is tailor-made for your business. This is the only software for real estate deals that helps real estate sponsors identify and nurture serious investors with its built-in CRM.

Raise Capital Faster and Automate Deals

Real estate investment firms use SyndicationPro as their investment management solution to raise capital faster, automate deal workflows, collaborate with co-sponsors, centralize investor documents, distribute operating income and much more!

eSign Simplified

Built-In PPMs and eSign Functionality

SyndicationPro's built-in PPMs and eSign functionality make closing investment rounds a breeze. Impress your investors with a quick-to-follow four-step process to complete their investment. You can display all the documents for your investors to view and enable them to understand the key highlights of a property.

Execute your Due Diligence with Ease

Investors can do their due diligence within minutes while investing and complete the investment process. Configuring your PPMs to tailor to your needs is incredibly easy with our investor management solution.

Co-Sponsor to Take Down Bigger Deals

Scale your business and close bigger projects with CoSponsors

Our investment management software is designed to help real estate sponsors in scaling their business and closing bigger projects using the co-sponsor module. Commercial real estate firms use the co-sponsor module to partner up with fellow syndicators to pool in investment to accelerate the fundraising process and meet their investment goals.

Use the Co Sponsor Module to Partner up With Other Firms

Investors for both the lead sponsor and the co-sponsor are kept separate from one another, thereby eliminating commingling of investors and avoiding duplication of data. Commercial real estate firms are increasingly using the co-sponsor module to partner up with other firms and increase their total assets under management.

Take Soft Commitments

Create Reservations for Future Deals

Using SyndicationPro's investment management services, real estate sponsors can mitigate the risk of not knowing how much money they can raise in the market by creating reservations for their future deals. This feature enables sponsors to broadcast the key highlights of their future deals to their investors and gauge the interest levels in the market. They also have the provisions to configure who has access to these deals. This feature allows sponsors to be top of mind for investors and use it as a marketing tool to promote the next deal and bring in more capital.

Used by Leading Real Estate Firms

SyndicationPro is used by leading real estate firms like Think Multifamily, Obsidian Capital, Applesway Investment and hundreds of many others to efficiently raise capital, manage all investments, save time to close investments using customized PPMs, close bigger deals, automate profit distributions and much more!

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Reduce 75% time doing Q&A while raising capital

Robust and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Management Software, Investor CRM and Investor Portal to Increase Your Competitive Edge.

Manage Your Payments and Distribution Conveniently

Enhanced Productivity & Security

Through ACH Payments Processing your payments and distributing profits with your investors has never been easier. SyndicationPro offers direct electronic payments and money transfers from within the portal to make your investment management operations much more organized and precise.

More Effective Investor Management Through Hassle-free Payments

Enjoy the alternative to using paper cheques, Automated Clearing House (ACH) - the latest technology in e-Payments and the country’s most trusted financial network, on SyndicationPro. Raise funds, close deals, and manage profit distribution efficiently by embracing the change.

Everything in One Place

Document & Profile Management

SyndicationPro automatically saves and organizes all relevant deal-related documents to an investor’s profile. Contact information, distribution preferences, and addresses are also stored and available for the investor to update as required.

Generating Reports

Through our real estate deal management software, you are able to generate relevant reports on individual or groups of investors, and specific deals. Use predefined reports or create custom reports.

Investor Relations Streamlined

Send Rich & Detailed Investor Updates

Sending investor updates cannot be simpler! You can send rich text investor updates with an option to attach files. All updates are automatically stored on an investor’s dashboard and you also have the option to email the update to the Investor.

Answer Investor Questions in App

Investors may ask you questions via email and you are able to answer them directly from within SyndicationPro with the 2-way email sync. Leave private notes behind from your conversations with Investors.

Calculate Distributions & Generate Investor Statements.

Waterfall Distributions

Use our real estate portfolio management software to calculate simple waterfall distributions and notify investors. If your syndication includes preferred returns or a unique structure, you are able to import in the distribution amount and notify your investors.

Investor Statements

Send Investor Statements for specific time periods that include information about investments and distributions. Allow Investors to download Investor Statements from their Investor Dashboard.

Our Deep Product Roadmap

Multi Channel Drip Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Call &Text From Within the Platform
Advanced Email Tracking
Follow-Up Reminders & Tasks

Frequently asked questions

1. What Is Investment Management Software?

With the right investment management software, your real estate firm can considerably improve its portfolio management practices and raise capital with ease. An investment management software helps you manage all your investors' data in a centralized repository and empowers your team to be proactive in nurturing relationships, managing all the deal workflows, and mitigating the need for manual calculation of investor distributions.

2. Do I Need an Investment Management Software?

If you're a syndicator who wants to automate your fundraising process while streamlining your deal workflows, then having the right capital raising software is extremely important. Investor portfolio management can be extremely challenging when you're using spreadsheets. An investment management solution eliminates all the paperwork and is built to help you scale as you add more projects to your real estate portfolio. An Investment Management Software eliminates the need for real estate sponsors to manage their investors offline by enabling sponsors to focus on their core business needs while it takes care of all the back-office workflows.

3. How to Choose the Best Investment Management Software?

Picking an Investment Management Software can be tricky, especially given how many investor management portals are out there in the market. A good understanding of your needs and requirements and the problems you are trying to solve is always a good initial starting point in picking the best fund  management software for your company. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can zone in and narrow down on the top most investment portals that meet your needs. Price, scalability, and ease of use are other factors to consider when choosing a software.

4. Why Should You Switch from Other Platforms to SyndicationPro?

SyndicationPro is the only investment management software built by and for Syndicators. Our expertise as industry experts gives us an edge over our competitors, which allows us to prioritize building features that truly help sponsors scale as they add more projects to their portfolio. SyndicationPro’s capital raising software is built with all the features that a real estate sponsor needs to raise capital faster, close more deals and save time.

5. What Does Onboarding Look Like with SyndicationPro’s Real Estate Investment Software?

With its integrated CRM, SyndicationPro makes investor onboarding effortless. SyndicationPro allows you to directly embed the sign up & login page on your website. Leads who sign up can easily establish a relationship with the lead sponsor by scheduling a call at their own convenience. Sponsors can easily verify their accounts after the call and allow them access to view all their current deals in place.

6. How Does eSign Work Within the SyndicationPro’s Software?

With its integrated CRM, SyndicationPro makes investor onboarding effortless. SyndicationPro allows you to directly embed the sign up & login page on your website. Leads who sign up can easily establish a relationship with the lead sponsor by scheduling a call at their own convenience. Sponsors can easily verify their accounts after the call and allow them access to view all their current deals in place.SyndicationPro’s built in e-sign functionality allows you to quickly get your PPM documents signed by all your investors. Furthermore, it allows Sponsors to customize their PPM documents to meet their unique requirements for their deals. Investing in a deal is a four step process that enables investors to do their due diligence and complete their documentation within minutes.

7. How Does ACH Work Within the SyndicationPro ?

Distributing operating income for investors has been made incredibly easy with the launch of ACH functionality, which allows Sponsors to calculate investor return within seconds and send out the distribution by the click of a button.

8. How Does Verify Accreditation Work Within the SyndicationPro Commercial  Investment Management Software?

SyndicationPro has partnered up with Parallel markets to enable Real Estate Sponsors to verify the accreditation status of their investors from within the platform itself. Investors will be required to verify their accreditation status when making an investment on an active offering. Investors can also upload their own accreditation letter if they’re already accredited, provided the accreditation letter is not older than 90 days.

9. How Secure Is the SyndicationPro?

SyndicationPro has the best in class security when it comes to data protection. We have enabled 2FA (Two FactorAuthentication) to enable secure login for users. Along with that, SyndicationPro uses end to end encryption, firewalls, physical and virtual access control, regular qualys scan and much more to ensure the security of the platform.

10. Can I Recommend New Features to Be Added to SyndicationPro’s Investment Management Software?

We at SyndicationPro pride ourselves at taking customer feedback seriously and have implemented multiple features which were recommended by our clients. This has allowed us to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

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