Real Estate Fundraising Automation


Streamline Your Investor Experience with ETC Integration

Allow investors to link their Self Directed IRA Funds for simplified funding

Effortless Investments

If your investors have IRA funds through ETC (Equity Trust Company), they’ll easily link their account within their investor profile. Once complete, SyndicationPro will automatically sync their IRA profile information, making it readily available to effortlessly proceed with funding investments.

Diversified Investments Through Hassle-Free Process

Once ready to use their self-directed IRA funds for one of your investment offerings, the investor will log into their portal and be able to view their available cash to invest through the ETC integration. With some simple steps in the investment wizard, the submission will be made and sent to ETC for approval. Once approved, the investment is funded. Simple, easy, and hassle-free.


Collaborate With Co-sponsors Like Never Before

Get co-sponsors up and running in no time while keeping anonymity prioritized.

Co-sponsors Up and Running in Minutes!

Our real estate fundraising automation software gives each co-sponsor a free account and the deals you are working on together are synced in real-time between platforms. Our fundraising software will help your team save time and resources, empowering you to raise capital and find qualified investors, and thereby automate the entire fundraise procedure.

Anonymity Prioritized

Say goodbye to intermingled contacts! Co-sponsor investors subscribe to the deal directly from the co-sponsor's platform and data is centralized for the lead sponsor to effortlessly manage. Through our investor portal, you'll be able to stay organized, communicate with investors, and effectively manage the entire capital raising process with ease.


Land Soft Commitments!

Easily manage your soft commitments and vet them accordingly

Soft Commitments

Through the powerful reservations module, you can showcase your upcoming deals as a strategy to secure soft commitments. This lets you know how much capital your investor base has before you sign a contract to purchase and also if you need to find more investments or find bigger deals. We make it easy for real estate syndicators to identify the best path forward to secure the investments required for your projects.

Vet Soft Commitments

You can understand the seriousness of each soft commitment by reviewing the activity log of your investors along with tracking conversations. Based on this information, you can find out the amount of capital you will be able to raise. Of course, if you realize you need to raise additional capital outside of your current real estate investment team, we'll still be here to help. Our investment management software will enable you to automate essential processes, develop CRM protocols, and effectively onboard and manage new partners. Investment management has never been easier.

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Reduce 75% time doing Q&A while raising capital

Robust and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Management Software, Investor CRM and Investor Portal to Increase Your Competitive Edge.


Verify Accreditation From Within Platform

Verify your investors for your 506 (c) deals in as little as 48 hours

Investor Accreditation for all Your 506 (c) deals

As a sponsor, you can now verify the accreditation status of all their investors from within the platform. SyndicationPro has now partnered up with Parallel Markets API to ensure the investor accreditation procedure is simpler and faster than ever before.

Investor Accreditation in less than 48 hours!

Sponsors can turn on this feature to have investors verify their accreditation status when making an investment in an active offering. Investors can also upload their own accreditation letter if they’re already accredited, provided the accreditation letter is not older than 90 days. The verification process is typically done within two business days!

save time

Save Hours & Close Your Deals Fast!

Easily manage your soft commitments and vet them accordingly

Easy-to-Follow Fundraising Workflow

Close your real estate investment projects fast with a very clear, accessible fundraising workflow for you and your investor. You’ll be able to quickly identify serious investors and continue moving them along the capital raising funnel and complete your deals as early as possible!

4-Step Investment Process

Our real estate fundraising software hands down has the best investor experience when closing investments. Investors view documents, choose an investment amount and profile to invest from, eSign the subscription agreement, and view funding instructions - all from within their real estate investor portal.

eSign & ppm

Digital PPM & eSign Templates!

Handle all of our digital PPMs and eSign requirements

Digital PPMs

Impress your investors through an institutional-quality presentation online. Display all documents for investors to view, print, or download, and provide key highlights, webinar replays, pictures, videos, and more on your secure investor portal.

Robust & Secure eSign Functionality

Our eSign functionality pretty much allows for every imaginable configuration that you may need as a real estate syndicator. You can add multi-parties on each side of the deal, add a countersign option, and auto-populate information already available on our platforms such as name and contact information.

Our Deep Product Roadmap

Multi Channel Drip Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Call &Text From Within the Platform
Advanced Email Tracking
Follow-Up Reminders & Tasks

Frequently asked questions

1. Can real estate fundraising automation help me close more projects?

By automating your workflows, SyndicationPro enables you to focus on working on your business rather than in your business! Such automated workflows free up your schedule to find more valuable projects to work on.

2. Will SyndicationPro help me eliminate the manual work I spend on my projects?

Real estate fund managers typically reduce anywhere between 50-70% of their manual work while raising capital using our platform. Depending upon how you currently raise capital, the actual percentage may vary, but what is guaranteed is a significant drop in the time it takes to raise funds online for your next syndication project.

3. How do soft commitments help in raising funds faster?

Soft commitments are a way for you to gauge the interest levels of your existing investors for your next deal. This will enable you to understand how much capital there is to raise from your current investors. You can also display the percentage of the fundraising that has already been booked to your investors, and this acts as a powerful FOMO tool to increase their interest levels and thereby enabling you to complete the deal much faster.

4. How do I set up eSign within SyndicationPro?

Setting up PPM docs is very easy in our fundraising platform. Sponsors can upload their PPM docs onto the platform using a simple import, and then they will have the option to drag and drop the fields that they would like their investors to fill up.

5. Can PPM documents be signed on mobile?

Yes, SyndicationPro allows investors the option to sign all their PPM docs directly from their mobile devices.

6. How much does the verify accreditation feature cost?

To enable the verify accreditation feature, there is an initial setup fee of $500. Beyond this, there is a charge of $59 for every real estate investor that gets accredited through this feature.7. How long does it take for an investor accreditation letter to be verified?

7. How long does it take for an investor accreditation letter to be verified?

Currently, an investor's accreditation letter can be verified via Parallel Markets within two business days! To automate the accreditation procedure, Sponsors will have to enable this feature within their real estate investment management tool for specific offerings, and the investors will be prompted to verify their accreditation letter on their investor portal while making the investments within those offerings.

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