About Us

why we exist

There was a gap in the marketplace. Real estate syndication software was too bulky, complicated, and cost too much. SyndicationPro, the real estate syndication software company, was founded to provide more features to syndicators, better experiences to investors, in one all-encompassing platform.

Today, SyndicationPro is the most efficient real estate fundraising software that delivers all the tools needed to raise capital faster and manage investors all in one place online. SyndicationPro takes you from where you are to where you should be.

Our Story

When SyndicationPro's Founder, Jacob Blackett, set out to begin real estate syndication in 2013, he found a void in the marketplace when it came to meeting his technology needs.

Established investment management platforms remained clunky and lacked key features to raise capital online. So he decided to partner with the Ameet Mehta and the FirstPrinciples Venture Studio to build a user-friendly investment management software that delights both sponsors and investors.

After finding a product-market fit, TJ Lokboj, an early investor in SyndicationPro, who has deep expertise in SaaS Enterprise Sales joined full-time as a co-founder and operating partner.

The values that drive everything we do

Proactive Ownership

We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad. We don't pass the buck.

Operational Excellence

We manage chaos via process, process improvement & process compliance.

Create Wow Moments

Engaging Moments and Experiences both internal and external stakeholders

Teamwork Over Ego

We encourage debate, team outcomes, and the best ideas winning.

Leadership is Service

Not being served by others. Be a Mentor and Coach and not a Boss

The Founders

The founders behind SyndicationPro

Get to know the fearless leadership team driving SyndicationPro to new heights


Come and join our amazing team


Come and join our amazing team


Come and join our amazing team

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