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Our Real Estate Syndication Software allows you to Manage Investors, Raise Capital, and Manage Your Investment Portfolio online.

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Businesses are switching from investor portals like IMS to SyndicationPro. Here’s why…

The Only Real Estate Syndication Software That Allows You To Get Started In Seconds!

SyndicationPro breaks the industry status quo by allowing Real Estate Syndicators to create their own investor platform in a matter of seconds. Fully customize the platform to your company's branding without having to schedule demos and without any upfront onboarding fees- we're in the business of saving you time!

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The Only CRM Built To Nurture Leads And Identify Serious Investors

Real Estate Syndicators can filter leads list, leave notes, view and send emails from within the platform, and view investor activity logs. Marketing automation, Text message marketing, and automated activity-based lead scoring coming soon!

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Remain SEC Compliant While You Raise Capital

Our real estate syndication software allows you build and document a pre-existing relationship with your investors and also provides you the tools to determine investor suitability and accreditation. We have customized settings based upon the SEC exemption you are using to raise capital.

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Investor Updates And Distributions Done For You!

Seamlessly provide updates to your investors through mass email and automate distribution notifications. Our real estate syndication platform has a distributions calculator and you also have the option of importing your calculations as well! Integrated ACH payments are coming soon!

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Raise Capital Quickly For Your Deals

Our clients close deals fast. This is because our real estate syndication platform allows you to nurture leads through a robust investor CRM, understand investor appetite through reservations, showcase deals online, and automate the entire investment process!

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Integrated Directly With Your Website, With Your Logo And Colors

Give investors an institutional experience by seamlessly integrating our real estate syndication software within your website through Sign Up and Log In buttons. Our white-label options display your company logo and colors on our powerful and secure infrastructure.

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First-Class Investor Experience

Set the tone from the start and elevate your investor experience by providing a simple and intuitive platform to showcase new opportunities and provide updates and insights for existing investments. Professionally branded email templates come standard.

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Get Soft Commitments Before Finding Your Next Deal

Using our Reservation Module, you are able to showcase potential opportunities to begin conversations with investors and secure soft commitments. This gives you a list of primed investors ready for your next deal and let's you know how much investor demand you have.

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14 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required!

Case Studies Of Clients Using Our Real Estate Syndication Software

“We chose SyndicationPro because of the intuitive design, especially when it comes to the investor facing portal. We love using it so far and are continuously excited for new features that are regularly released!”

  • Dave Toupin,

    Partner, Obsidian Capital
Dave Toupin

“Having the team behind SyndicationPro be actual commercial real estate investors and not just tech guys help them truly understand our needs in a capital-raising platform.”

  • Mark A. Rios,
Mark A. Rios

“SyndicationPro’s user interface is amazing! The support staff are responsive and are willing to go the extra mile to help you give your investors the best experience!”

  • Matt Engle,

    CashFlow Investor
Matt Engle

“We switched from another platform and have dramatically increased our fund raising efficiency and success. Over the first 6 months on the platform we raised over $20M and it's been a pleasure working with the SyndicationPro team as they develop a best in class product.”

  • Robert Ritzenthaler,

    CFO, REM Capital
Robert Ritzenthaler


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