SEC Compliant CRM for Real Estate Syndication


The Best Real Estate Syndication CRM, Period!

Enjoy two-way email sync for easy communication along with segmented contacts for sending mass emails.

Two-Way Email Sync & Notes

Through our real estate investor customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can have a detailed view of every email sent to your investors, their reservations, investments, your private notes, and much more! SyndicationPro's real estate CRM software enables a two-way sync, which records all the email communication that happens between you and your investors, within the platform.

Segment Contacts & Send Out Mass Emails

Our real estate investor CRM software allows you to the group and sends contact segmented mass emails. So you can send customized communication to your contacts depending on the stage in the funnel they are currently at. Of all the real estate CRMs that are out there, SyndicationPro is the only CRM that is built to identify and nurture serious investors.


360° Relationship View of Your Contacts

Easily manage relationships with investors and keep track of activities, documents, & profiles.

Complete Relationship History Visualized in Timeline View

Our real estate syndication CRM gives you the visibility of how your investors are interacting with your online platform so that you can have a clear understanding of how interested they are in investing with you! From the moment leads sign up to your website, SyndicationPro's customer relationship management software empowers you to establish a relationship with the leads by enabling a quick introduction call with them.

One Place for Investment Activities, Documents, & Profiles

SyndicationPro allows you to centralize all documents, investment activities, and contact information across profiles. You and your investors can access and update information with a few clicks. This ensures that you have a repository of all your investor information within your real estate CRM. All the activities of investors, all their active investments, and all their documents sync right into the CRM, which enables you to focus on growing your real estate business while we take care of organizing your investor data.

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Reduce 75% time doing Q&A while raising capital

Robust and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Management Software, Investor CRM and Investor Portal to Increase Your Competitive Edge.


Automate the “Get To Know Your Investor” Process

Have investors easily register online to start building relationships.

Online User Registration

Investors can easily sign up for your platform and submit a customizable investor questionnaire. Our online onboarding process allows you to scale and be accessible anywhere, at any time. We embed directly with your website, which allows us to act as a lead magnet and push all the inbound leads directly into your real estate CRM.

Build a Relationship & Determine Investor Suitability

Our real estate CRM software has built-in tools to help you remain SEC Compliant. When an individual registers as a lead, you can take them directly to an investment opportunity (recommended when the general solicitation is permitted, e.g. RegD 506(c)) or they can schedule an introduction phone call with your team (which is recommended when the general solicitation is not permitted, e.g. RegD 506(b)).


Connect to Over 2000+ External Applications via Zapier Integration

Insert SyndicationPro into your current systems and processes easily.

Connect to Over 2000+ External Applications via Zapier Integration

Our CRM for real estate syndication allows you to automatically add, update, and delete information across different applications you may be leveraging for marketing to new and existing investors. Your lead generation tactics may include leveraging the above-mentioned solutions to be top of mind for your leads and investors, and SyndicationPro enables you to seamlessly integrate with those tools to ensure all the data syncs properly into your customer relationship management tool.

Connect With Google Sheets, Trello, and Other Apps

Using our real estate CRM, you can connect applications that may be part of your operational workflow. Setting up connections takes minimal time and effort and does not require a developer to set up. You have full control over setting up the app connections.


Future Proof Your Business with a Robust Roadmap

Manage your business and portfolio easily with custom view, reminders, and tasks.

Custom Views, Tags & Custom Fields!

We, as syndicators, have built a network of over 3,000 investors and have raised millions. So we understand what it takes to secure investments! Our next set of features will help you find the needle in the haystack by custom lists, tag leads, and custom fields. Sending out custom emails to your real estate investors is an absolute breeze using the best CRM for syndicators.

Follow-Up Reminders & Tasks

Our CRM for real estate syndication allows you to add follow-up tasks and reminders for you and your team members. You can sync all the follow-ups and reminders to your calendar as well! Every feature that makes up SyndicationPro's CRM has been carefully designed to help you in lead generation, improving operational efficiency, better task management, and more!

Our Deep Product Roadmap

Multi Channel Drip Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Call &Text From Within the Platform
Advanced Email Tracking
Follow-Up Reminders & Tasks

Frequently asked questions

1. How is this CRM specific to Real Estate Fundraising?

The SyndicationPro real estate CRM is built specifically for real estate Syndicators to ensure you remain SEC Compliant while enabling you with the tools to organize all your investor data in one place.

2.  Is SyndicationPro SEC-Compliant?

Yes, by enabling you to establish a relationship with all the leads that sign up via an introduction call, SyndicationPro is the best CRM that is not only designed to help you stay SEC-compliant but also filter out the investors to whom you want to broadcast specific deals.

3. How Can SyndicationPro's Real Estate CRM Help Me Close More Deals?

Having a built-in CRM will enable you to establish a relationship with all your inbound leads instantly. Automation of the onboarding process will enable you to expedite the process of establishing a relationship and nurturing them into becoming active investors in your real estate business.

4. What Makes SyndicationPro’s CRM Different from Others in the Industry?

The SyndicationPro CRM was built with the intention of fast-tracking real estate investing. Our CRM is SEC-compliant via its two-way email sync, enables customization and establishment of relationships with investors, building systems and processes, and much more! No other CRM offers the robust features that we can boast of.

5. Is SyndicationPro's CRM Customizable?

The CRM can be customized to meet your expectations. Whether it is to manage your offerings, segregate your list of leads and investors, or segment who should get access to which project, all of it is possible through our management software.

6. Why Is CRM Important in Real Estate Investment Management?

A CRM gives you leverage to manage all your leads and investors in the most organized manner possible. Managing all your investors via a spreadsheet can be incredibly clunky and redundant. Adopting a real estate CRM can give your business the edge when it comes to organizing all your investor data in one place and allowing different users the ability to gain access to all relevant data.

7.  Does SyndicationPro Integrate With Zapier?

Yes, SyndicationPro is the only real estate CRMs that integrates with Zapier. Creating automation is super easy and intuitive and does not require development help to set up.

8. Does SyndicationPro Allow Mass Emails?

SyndicationPro allows users to send out run marketing campaigns and send mass emails to all your leads and investors. If you're already running campaigns using an external tool, all the data syncs right into the CRM software. SyndicationPro also has built-in reporting that enables you to track all the analytics related to email stats.

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