Sep 14, 2023

The Simple Formula for Success in Real Estate Investment

The Simple Formula for Success in Real Estate Investment

If you follow the simple formula, you can excel as a real estate investor. It’s not about buying your dream home - the simple recipe for success covers your entire investment journey.

Secondly, the formula may not be as straightforward as - ‘one plus one makes two.’ This article takes you through some simple steps to help you succeed as a real estate investor.

Honestly, most first-time investors in real estate prefer participating in real estate syndication for a consistent cash flow. Practically, real estate syndication is indeed the best way to start investing and scaling ahead by diversifying your real estate investment portfolio.

Let’s understand the formula for success from the perspective of investors in real estate syndication deals:

Act to Start the Investment Journey

As a beginner in the real estate investing industry, thirst, and hunger to gain knowledge are excellent. The power of the internet opens up several avenues to learn real estate investing.

However, it is crucial to strategize your financial goals, determine an investment path, and take action to start investing. It is neither necessary to have a large amount to start nor do you need to pour all your savings into one deal.

Consider Various Investing Types - Master One

You may be fascinated with real estate syndication, real estate mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, and various other forms of securities. It is essential to realize that real estate investing is beyond buying and selling properties.

Along with that, it is crucial to get well-versed in one type of real estate investment. Some people try their luck across various investment types and gain much below their expectations. The reason may be - they don’t master one investment method.


Taking consistent actions is another great secret to success in real estate investing. It may be impractical to pour all you have into one real estate deal.

For instance, investors in real estate syndications can invest in multiple deals. They can keep looking for profitable deals across property classes and places. This kind of diversification keeps them consistently gaining through one or the other source.

Think Beyond Buying & Selling Game

Many beginner investors have a misconception - investing in real estate is about buying a home with their own money. Apart from that - selling it quickly to get that big check to say they have earned a ‘profit.’

However, ventures like real estate syndications allow you to be a part of the pool of investors owning a stake in a big property. The returns depend upon your contribution to the capital. That too for a considerably longer holding period - maybe 5 to 10 years!

Understand Both Sides of a Deal

Whenever you get an invite to join a real estate syndication as a passive investor, understand the pros and cons of the deal and the syndicator venturing it. Find out the crucial aspects of the syndication, your proposed returns, proposed holding period, and a solid exit strategy before investing.

Look for the Best Mentor to Invest With

The real estate syndicator tries pooling financial resources from multiple passive investors. It would be best to choose the right syndicator to ensure consistent success in the long run. As an investor, your role is to invest and enjoy passive income and finally get a share in the capital gain.

Investors should spare time to analyze the success rate of the syndicator. Look for the syndicator’s previous performance, his experience in handling real estate syndicates, the share in stake he is investing in the deal, and more.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Spreading your investment across multiple real estate deals will help you as a shield against the roller-coasters in the real estate market. As a passive investor, real estate syndication offers the freedom to invest across property classes and types in multiple locations.

For instance, you can keep earning returns from your investments in a multifamily apartment in New York, a commercial complex in Washington DC, and an industrial property in Florida at the same time. This kind of portfolio diversification provides you with a ‘cushion’ during hard times.

Adopt the Latest Technology

Cloud-based software solutions like real estate syndication software will help you excel as an investor. It offers many features for investors. You get a user-friendly dashboard providing a real-time view of your investments and distribution.

Along with that, you can go through the project details from the same or other syndicators to plan diversification. You get periodic financial reports and forecasts to stay updated on where you are and where you can be.

We crafted an infographic to help you understand and remember the simple formula for success. We have tried compiling different crucial factors related to investing in real estate syndication for your convenience. Let’s take a look at the infographic covering the elements:

The Simple Formula for Success in Real Estate Investment

The Bottom Line

The article and the above infographic cover the simple formula for real estate investment success. Implementing every step of this formula will help you make the most of your investments by collaborating with the right people at the right time.

Adopt an investor portal to get real-time information on your investments and distributions. Take the success of your real estate investment journey to new heights!

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