Apr 12, 2024

Journey from Single-Family to Syndicating Apartments [Podcast]

TJ Lokboj
Journey from Single-Family to Syndicating Apartments [Podcast]

After acquiring 100 single-family homes, Jacob realized that multifamily was the next thing he should target. A 46-unit multifamily investment was all it took for Jacob to kickstart his transition from single-family to multifamily investments. With the possibility of an on-site management unit, better expense ratio, flexibility, and better ROI for investors, multifamily properties have become a popular choice amongst investors in the real estate market.

From starting his real estate career as a sophomore to placing over $50 million into income-producing real estate, Jacob has undergone several ups and downs during his journey. In 2014, Jacob founded Holdfolio, a platform connecting investors and creating partnerships with high-yield investments in the real estate industry, that specializes in equity investments in multifamily deals and single-family rentals. He also created SyndicationPro, an innovative Real Estate Syndication Software that assists in the hassle-free management of capital, leads, and investors.

In this podcast, Jacob Blackett talks about how he switched from owning single-family homes to buying large multifamily apartment buildings, all through real estate syndication.

Listen on to know more about his journey:

Going from Single-Family to Syndicating Apartments with Jacob Blackett

Success Tips For Future Investors

  • A knack for self-improvement
  • Patience and perseverance
  • An in-depth understanding of real estate market cycles
  • Staying on top of all the resources out there, books, forums, podcasts, etc
  • Become a deal maker
  • Vision to invest in cash flowing buy-and-hold properties
  • Being focussed and proactive
  • Association with an established group

Mistakes Investors and Syndicators Make in Multifamily Investments

  • Not raising enough capital upfront, preferably more
  • Not analyzing a deal and overpaying
  • Insufficient research about the area, apartment, terms, and conditions, etc that might result in buying in the wrong area or the wrong property
  • Not analyzing the background of the property and the property itself
  • Not having a robust plan in place before starting off
  • Oblivious to the rules and regulations of the area
  • Lacking marketing skills, or not willing to invest in it

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