Apr 12, 2024

Faster Digital Transformation of Your Real Estate Syndication to Raise More Capital Online [Podcast]

Faster Digital Transformation of Your Real Estate Syndication to Raise More Capital Online [Podcast]

For years real estate has been viewed as change-resistant especially when it comes to the adoption of technology. But over the past few years, there have been some breakthroughs. Whether you're a syndicator on a quest to find investors for your new deal or an investor searching for amazing deals to invest in, there are some amazing ways you can leverage technology to boost your real estate business. Here are a few:

Finding Clients Using Digital Marketing

When it comes to finding clients, one of the most underestimated strategies is word of mouth, a free form of marketing can surge your client base. Another amazing strategy that you can use to enhance your customer base is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). By triggering the user's subconscious, FOMO creates a desire in people to respond and take action when something is either available for a limited time or is in short supply, thus helping clients raise huge amounts of capital.

Using Automated Systems to Overcome Hurdles

Conducting business online and using the right tech such as capital raising software has many benefits, the most prominent being the ease with which capital is raised and, of course, saving time with automated systems. However, one of the biggest challenges for developers is, while using automated systems seems promising, developers often find the time it takes to automate as a hurdle. Well, it doesn’t have to be so.At SyndicationPro, we have an amazing and easy onboarding and migration process that helps clients overcome this hurdle hassle-free.

Onboarding Tech-Savvy Sponsors and Investors

Tech-savvy sponsors are often more oriented towards using technology to pace up their entire work process, be it to align their daily tasks, automate their email replies or handle social media. They are fast movers and will readily adopt the technology.

Attracting Investors and Pre-Fund Real Estate Deals

One of the most amazing and unique features of SyndicationPro (a premier capital raising and investment management platform) is that it provides a chance to pre-fund deals so that the leads are available to invest. Getting people ready and lined up to invest is another way of how FOMO can be implemented as those investors are taking action just because they don't want to miss out.

Investment Reservation System

The reservation system where FOMO is implemented is the creation of a priority list for investments. Posting a reservation directly through SyndicationPro can drive traffic and all of the leads and potential investors get a glimpse of the deal for which they can make a soft commitment.Having your product out in the real estate market is both challenging and exciting, as there are people out there you’ll need to guide from scratch and then there are the “I know” ones, and as a marketer and growth hacker you need to be prepared for both and customize your services accordingly. For us, that’s one of our USPs.

Listen to this podcast to know more about the investment reservation system and how it can change the game especially during situations similar to the one we are facing now (COVID-19). Also, get answers to some crucial questions related to real estate

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