Sep 12, 2023

Real Estate Syndication Software: SyndicationPro

Jacob Blackett
Real Estate Syndication Software: SyndicationPro

No matter what niche or sector you are in, your success depends on whether you’re using the right tools for the job or not. The same applies when choosing a real estate syndication software too. Using the right tools can not only increase the profitability but can also make your real estate journey seamless. Almost all the real estate syndicators find themselves juggling between things. From lead generation to investor management they put on different hats, for each such role they need software tools to rely on. Having a great tech tool can dramatically streamline the workload and can make or break your business productivity.

How it all started?

Being a syndicator for almost 16 syndications, Jacob was aware of the challenges faced by them as well as how overwhelming it was for sponsors to manage their leads and investors. Having tried the software out there, Jacob felt that though they had some amazing features, a lot of them struggled with either equity raises or investor onboarding journey or other important features. Thus, instead of waiting around for new software being developed, he took the lead and worked on one himself. The idea was simple - to manage the incoming leads and investors with ease and transparency. As for the investors, we wanted to lower the barriers and make it easier for them to invest in deals. SyndicationPro - an affordable Real Estate Syndication software with a robust CRM.  It facilitates digital investor operations and investor communications that help syndicators to easily raise capital as well as manage 100s of investors (passive as well as active). Here’s a brief overview of the software by Jacob Blackett himself. In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How does this software work?
  • What are its key features?
  • Does it become my website or does it integrate with my website?
  • What makes Syndication Pro different?

And much more…

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