Sep 21, 2023

6 Benefits of ACH Payments Over Other Payment Types

Jacob Blackett
6 Benefits of ACH Payments Over Other Payment Types

Are you a real estate syndicator? You must be looking for a cost-effective alternative to check payments. To keep your real estate syndication business moving incredibly, you need a robust and well-designed payment processor like ACH payments.

Are you still dependent on conventional methods for fund transfers? The time spent on your fundraising process and recurring transactions like profit share distributions among your investors may be too high. Along with that, maintaining paper records of your trades can be another laborious process.

Benefits of ACH Payment for Real Estate Syndication

Like other businesses, real estate syndication requires frequent transfers of funds. Initially, you raise funds from your pool of investors to acquire a multifamily real estate property. As you start attracting tenants and making profits, you also need to distribute profit shares among your investors according to your promised distribution cycle.

You will be accepting ACH payments while raising funds and sending them against your recurring billing to your investors. Let's see how ACH transfers help you accelerate your real estate syndication business:

ACH Payments Are Convenient

You can make ACH transfers directly to your investors' bank accounts. You don't need to write checks, visit the investors' banks to deposit those checks, and wait for clearance. So, ACH payments require the least or no paperwork, no traveling down the busy roads to visit banks, and no waiting in the queue to wait for your turn.

SyndicationPro - the leading investment management software, comes with ACH Payments integration at a nominal charge. Opt for the integration, provide your bank account information, and start using the feature for unlimited transactions every month.

It Helps Control Your Cash Flow

Accepting ACH payments is easy for your investors - as they don't need to wait till the fund transfer takes place manually. From a syndicator's perspective, this payment method helps control your cash flow in the long run. You can schedule your distributions to hold the cash in your account till the due date.

Distributions among your investors are your recurring payments, and processing them through credit and debit cards may not bring the transactions to the same platform. However, as you process payments through the ACH feature within your investor portal, you get real-time updates of your financial transactions as an added benefit.

You can keep all your financial records attached to a single dashboard and control your cash flow.

ACH Transactions Save Time

You can transfer funds through your bank account to the desired distributor's bank account using the ACH payments feature in the investor portal. Additionally, you save valuable time required to let the transfer practically happen through the conventional process.

Syndicators can manage and automate their distribution process through the investor portal. Calculate every investor's profit share based on the capital investment and predetermined distribution method - and schedule the distribution for every investor. You can keep your promise and save time on processing payments.

ACH Payments Eliminate Human Error

In case of any mistake in the bank account number, recipient's name, etc., the payment will not be processed, and you will get your money back. There are some scenarios when the payment may stand canceled. However, you get your money back into your account.

The investor portal helps you automate your recurring payments. You get the utmost accuracy in financial transactions as you adopt ACH Payments.

Helps You Manage Your Recurring Payments

As discussed earlier, syndicators can keep their distribution cycle on auto-pilot mode by switching to the ACH payments integrated investor portal. The transactions reflect in the financial statements in real-time.

The maximum limit for one-time payment through ACH is $25,000. For larger transactions, it will be split into multiples of $25,000. By adopting this payment processing method, you can maintain transparency in financial matters with all your investors.

ACH Payments Are Highly Secure

The ACH Network is encrypted. Your money will never be stolen, lost, or forged. Similarly, there are no chances of financial breaches like forging your signature or accessing your bank account unauthorizedly. Your critical account data will never be shared with any third parties.

Your account information and the details of your transactions are protected by the network on a priority.

We have crafted an infographic to help you understand and remember the benefits of ACH Payments. The graphical representation and crisp descriptions will make the pros easy to make out. Please take a look at the infographic:

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