Sep 21, 2023

10 Reasons Why You Need an Investor Portal

Jacob Blackett
10 Reasons Why You Need an Investor Portal

If you’re still using spreadsheets and manila folders to manage your investor database, you’re in for a rude awakening. Here’s why.

The real estate investors you are competing with are using the latest technology and software to make the investing process easier and more efficient for their passive investors. Investor portals make it easier to raise real estate capital. Many investors, both experienced investors and new investors, are falling behind because they aren't using an investor portal. If you’re still on the fence about using an investor portal, keep reading to learn the multiple reasons why not using one is hurting your business, and might be hurting your ability to raise investment capital.

1. Send Distributions to passive real estate investors

With an real estate investor portal, you can send investor distributions with ease. An investor portal allows you to send your passive real estate investors their distributions with a few clicks on your computer. You can send distributions for multiple real estate deals, and manage these distributions all from one central location. Your investors can also receive real estate investment and distribution updates through an investor portal.

The days of manually calculating and sending distributions are a thing of the past with an investor portal. This will save you time and the stress of having to do these manually.

2. Soliciting new real estate investments

Once a real estate investor is in your investor portal, you can share with them your latest and upcoming real estate investment opportunities. An investor portal simplifies the process of raising capital for real estate. Rather than directly emailing them one by one, you can send all of the investors in your database an email detailing your next opportunity.

An investor portal is a powerful tool you can use to solicit new real estate investments from investors who are already in your pool of existing investors. For real estate syndicators, you’ll be able to raise more capital from the investors you already have a relationship with.

3. E-sign documents

Investor portals allow investors to electronically sign documents and even complete them on their mobile devices. This means that your investors don’t need to print out the documents, sign them, and then fax them over to you. This saves them both the time and the headache, and helps you raise more capital with less time. SyndicationPro is one of the only investor portals that allows investors to digitally sign documents on their mobile devices.

4. Scalability

With an investor portal, you can raise capital at a larger scale. With the improved efficiency and systems, you can confidently take on multiple real estate deals at a time. An investor portal allows you to manage all of the documents and investors for each real estate deal in a centralized location. Rather than having dozens of different spreadsheets and email threads, an investor portal simplifies the process and makes it a hassle-free process for your investors.

5. Professional aesthetic

The professional appearance of an investor portal will make you look more professional and credible in the eyes of your investors. An investor portal makes an investor’s journey much simpler. They won’t be as overwhelmed by the various different communication channels or documents they need to keep track of. The investor portal does that for them.

The simplicity and aesthetic of the portal will reinforce your position as an authority who is up to date with current technological developments in the real estate industry.

6. Invite co-sponsors, lawyers, accountants

In an investor portal like SyndicationPro, commercial real estate investors like you can invite cosponsors, lawyers, accountants, and other team members into your dashboard. You can give them access to specific real estate deals and communicate on the same platform.

Notification features also let you know when there’s an update so you never miss important information. The ability to share real estate investment opportunities with cosponsors on an investor portal makes it much easier to bring on partners and raise more capital as a result.

7. Central place for communication

Investor portals make it much simpler for real estate investors to communicate with their business partners in one central location.

You can communicate with passive investors through your investor portal. Communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to a passive investor’s satisfaction. It’s important that you are transparent with your investors, and give them updates on the deals they are invested in. An investor portal makes it easy for you to relay information to your investors and maintain their trust.

8. Security

Investor portals will give you more peace of mind when it comes to securing sensitive information used during a capital raise. Rather than sending sensitive documents over email, which isn’t always safe, investor portals have multiple layers of protection.

SyndicationPro offers two-factor authentication to verify that only approved users access your portal. It also uses firewalls and encrypted data transmission end-to-end, protecting your information when you send, receive, and store it in your dashboard.

9. Easily verify investors

An investor portal with a robust investment management software allows you to verify accredited investors with ease. This means you don’t have to find an attorney or an accountant to verify your investors.

Investor portals make it easier for you to verify your accredited investors so you can save time and become more efficient. You can verify the accreditation status of your investors in the SyndicationPro investor portal.

10. Easily nurture relationships with investors

Real estate investors like you need a way to develop and manage relationships with your investors that is efficient and simple. Finding a way to do this well is the key to raising more capital and scaling your real estate business. Investors have many options when it comes to finding a sponsor to invest with, so an investor portal can help you distinguish yourself from other investors and cultivate the passive real estate investor leads in your pipeline.

SyndicationPro has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows you to develop relationships with newer investor leads while continuing to nurture relationships with existing investors. An investor portal with a CRM allows you to manage your passive real estate investor database from one centralized location. This way, you'll never lose track of potential investors.

Innovate your business and stay ahead of your competitors

An investor portal is more than a software or a technology. It’s an evolution within the real estate industry. Passive investors are becoming more savvy. With the competition in the industry increasing, it’s important to do everything you can to demonstrate to your investors why you’re the ideal sponsor to work with. An investor portal has lots of benefits that makes it easier to raise money for your real estate projects.

Ensuring that your investing process is a secure, simple, and hassle-free process will make you an appealing option for investors looking to invest passively in real estate.Don’t get left behind due to inaction. Other investors are using every tool they can to get ahead of their competition. Let’s set up a time to chat about how using the SyndicationPro investor portal can help you raise more capital and create an even better experience for your investors.

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