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"Build strategic deal flow and take down opportunities faster with cosponsors!"

Deal Summary

101 unit apartment complex at $500k below appraised value. Syndication with a $2M raise.

Choosing SyndicationPro

Recommendation from Jens Nielsen who uses SyndicationProto manage the passive investors.

The Results

Taking down a 101 unit apartment by leveraging SyndicationPro to partner with co-sponsors. Implementing SyndicationPro has drastically reduced time to follow up with investors and get important documents signed. The solution has also helped us better manage serious investors from pretenders for our deal, We are able to see new sign ups and focus or take action on serious investors. It has also helped with collaboration in our team meetings for our deal by allowing each member to see all commitments on one dashboard. SyndicationPro has also supported communicating strategically with our investors and has added an element of credibility and professionalism to our business.

A Strategic Partner

Osbert was very responsive with myself and two co-sponsors. He was quick to jump on calls and solve all of ourissues.

Company Name:

Ten15 Capital

Client Name:

Duamel Vellon, Managing

Investment Focus:

Acquiring & Managing


Orlando, FL

"It is important to consider the methodologies you are trying to adopt when selecting a software service. We understand the industry trends and offer the only co-sponsor module service.It was a pleasure to provide Ten15 Capital a solution to partner on deals and grow their business."

- Osbert Luong, Account Executive