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Logan Freeman
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FTW Investments

A professional appearance for our investors

Logan Freeman At A Glance

Company Overview

  • Title: Co-Founder & Principal
  • Investment Focus: Multifamily Assets
  • 125+ Transactions
  • $15,000,000+ Capital raised
  • $75,000,000+ Transaction volume


“When we first started it was Excel sheets and just tracking everything on that, now somebody can actually log into a portal and they are able to see their past investments and the future opportunities. And so it makes it feel much more professional, which is very important to us.” -Logan Freeman


  • Investor Portal allows investors to log on and see past investments and future opportunities,
  • Streamlining the fundraising process, moving forward on an offer, having all the documents in one place, and e-signature features which make it all so much easier and quicker, and overall being able to track investors throughout this entire process
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With SyndicationPro


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With SyndicationPro

"It is important to consider the methodologies you are trying to adopt when selecting a software service. We understand the industry trends and offer the only co-sponsor module service.It was a pleasure to provide Ten15 Capital a solution to partner on deals and grow their business."

- Osbert Luong, Account Executive