Feb 1, 2023

8 Trending Real Estate Investing Websites in 2022

Jacob Blackett
8 Trending Real Estate Investing Websites in 2022

Investing in real estate has a variety of advantages to investing in stocks, including lower risk and volatility, tangible assets, tax advantages, and the ability to diversify. As a result, several Millennials who are wary of equities have turned to this industry as a favored investing option.

Despite the growing popularity of real estate investing, there is a high barrier to entry for newcomers. This barrier has been addressed using a one-of-a-kind solution: online real estate investment platforms allow investors to contribute to a common pool, cutting the cost of entry while ensuring that all investors earn.

Real estate investors have access to a variety of websites, each with its own set of features, fees, and requirements.

8 Best Real Estate Investing Websites of 2022

Real estate investment websites are becoming increasingly popular, but with so many to select from, it can be difficult to know where to start. These are 8 best real estate investing websites of 2022.

1. Roofstock

Roofstock is a platform dedicated solely to the purchase and sale of rental homes. Roofstock is unique in that investors can buy properties without ever seeing them, thanks to the company's certification procedure and countrywide network of professional property managers and partners.

Roofstock offers three investment options:* Single-family rental properties can be owned outright.* Diversify your holdings with portfolio investments that are ideal for a 1031 exchange.* Accredited investors can invest in fractional ownership.

2. Zillow

To gain access to the Multiple Listing Service, many investors contemplate getting a real estate license (MLS). Instead, they can save hundreds of dollars every year on fees by utilizing Zillow, money that could be better spent on an investment property.

A number of local MLS providers have data syndication arrangements with Zillow. This is one of the reasons why the Zillow apps and websites received more than seven billion visits last year. Zillow's free investment tools and market data can help real estate investors identify smart acquisitions and even sell their rental properties.

3. PropStream

PropStream is a cutting-edge website where professional real estate investors may do real-world investment analysis in a variety of methods using data tools and analytics.

PropStream's data is compiled from a variety of sources. Investors can construct a complete property profile with owner information, tax records, mortgages and liens, HOA, and pending divorces or bankruptcies after inputting the property address.

Using the skip tracking feature, investors can target pre-foreclosures and find potentially lucrative off-market buys from highly motivated sellers. PropStream's integrated rehab calculator allows investors working on upgrading or rehab projects to delve down into the specifics to correctly estimate costs based on local labor rates and material quality.

4. Deal Machine

By automating real estate prospecting, Deal Machine has brought the process of driving for dollars into the twenty-first century. Rather than squandering time and money, today's investors may prospect from the comfort of their own homes.

Investors can determine who owns a house in the United States by uploading the address or photograph of the property, as well as the property's ownership history, equity, and the owner's email and mailing address.

A direct mail campaign to reach the property owner is begun at the touch of a button. The contact management system provided by Deal Machine makes it simple to keep track of thousands of leads at once.

5. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms pool money from accredited and non-accredited investors to buy larger properties that most individual real estate investors would be unable to qualify for on their own.

When the property is sold, investors receive a portion of the quarterly profit distribution, a pro-rata share of equity, and a return of investment capital. RealtyMogul, Fundrise, and CrowdStreet are some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms.

6. BiggerPockets

One of the difficulties with collecting information from the internet is that you never know if it's authentic or fraudulent. As a result, the contributors to the BiggerPockets Blog have in-depth expertise in real estate investing, personal finance, and marketing.

Millions of real estate professionals visit the site every morning for the most up-to-date information on real estate investing basics, landlords and rental properties, house flipping, mortgages, and creative financing, as well as to sign up for special webinars.

7. Active Rain

With over 300,000 active members and over four million blog pieces, the site is the world's largest repository of real estate knowledge. Members of the Active Rain community include agents and brokers, appraisers and inspectors, lenders, and investors, and it is the largest and most active professional social network in the real estate sector.

8. Housing Wire

Housing Wire is a one-stop shop for everything a real estate investor needs to know. Rental property investors may stay on top of the housing market by reading and watching films discussing current real estate news, existing home sales and the economy, mortgage rates and credit trends, and how fintech might help real estate investors enhance their returns.

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8 Trending Real Estate Investing Websites in 2022

To Summarize

Even anyone with a few hundred dollars can profit from this potentially lucrative sector in the new reality of internet real estate investing.

With these cutting-edge platforms, you have complete control over where your money goes and how much you invest. While some platforms demand accredited investors, others do not, so regardless of your income, you will be able to locate an investing opportunity that fits your budget and aspirations.

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