Feb 1, 2023

Time Management as a Real Estate Professional

TJ Lokboj
Time Management as a Real Estate Professional

As a real estate professional, you could put your entire firm at risk if you don’t learn the basics of time management. Time management helps you connect with clients at the right time and accomplish goals within a specific time frame. So, how do you master time management as a real estate professional? Here are our top tips.

TIP #1: Have a Specific Agenda for Each Day

Start every day with the question, “what do I want to get done today?” Answer this question by writing out your detailed agenda for the day. This is something like keeping a personal journal. Time management starts with being organized, and you can do this by having a clear idea of your daily tasks. Simply saying, “I’ll call a potential lead” or “I’ll meet with investors,” just doesn’t cut it. It becomes more realistic when you write it down using one of the many apps designed to manage your business workflow. Each day, pick out at least five tasks you want to get done and focus on that alone for the day. You should also keep track of your time with any suitable time management app. Sometimes, you could find yourself wondering where the day went when you haven’t done most of your tasks for the day. Tracking your time stops you from staying longer on one job than you should. The key here is consistency and focus.

TIP #2: Leverage the Power of Technology

Thankfully, there are hundreds of tools designed to boost productivity, especially for real estate professionals. One useful software is Google tasks. This is a simple tool that is embedded in your Gmail. With Google Tasks, you can create different task lists using your emails right from your inbox. You can easily pick out your tasks for the day and turn off your inbox while handling them. With this, you can focus on the front end of your day and keep out distractions.

TIP #3: Invest in Property Management Software

The right property management software will help you manage your business workflow and get rid of clutter quickly. Choose software that your team can easily connect with. When you have them well-equipped with suitable property management software, you can focus on essential parts of your business like successfully closing deals and meeting new investors. Investing in this type of software will always be worth it in the long run. So, never underestimate its power.

TIP #4: Work with Your Team

You don’t have to get all the tasks done by yourself. The essence of a team is to help you get more done without compromising on quality. So, arrange your tasks based on priority and decide the one that needs your attention the most. Of course, you should start with your urgent tasks before moving to the not-so-urgent ones. It’s easy to be carried away with wanting to be in control and do everything yourself. But as a real estate agent, delegating tasks will help you lighten up your load. In this case, outsourcing is the way to go. Improve your overall productivity and reduce labor costs with outsourcing. The goal here is to produce results and not to run your real estate agency alone.

TIP #5: Automate Your Lead Generation Process

Your time management strategy should also include automated lead generation and outreach. Become best friends with an excellent customer relationship management system. This will save you from wasting so much time on routine work. With the right CRM system, you can automate outreach towards the best leads when you need to communicate on anniversaries, open houses, listings, and so much more. These are all important when you want to nurture potential buyers and sellers into long-term clients. Therefore, you need to be sure this is the right one for you and your team before picking a CRM system. It should do a great job of helping you close deals and stay in touch with leads.

Real estate is not all about working 80 hours a week and being exhausted all the time. In fact, agents that do these are often the least productive. You can succeed financially as a real estate agent when you master the art of time management.

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