Sep 15, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Real Estate Offering Memorandum for Your Next Deal

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Real Estate Offering Memorandum for Your Next Deal

The offering memorandum is a tool that every real estate investor or buyer needs to ensure their deal closes successfully and smoothly. If you are about to resell your investment property for cash or another purpose, it makes sense to include an offering memorandum in your resale contract.

An offering memorandum is essentially a set of terms that are explained in detail, assisted with visual aids, and checked for accuracy at every stage of the process before signing it off as final and binding on both parties. An offering memorandum is often overlooked by real estate investors who don't understand its value. They can make or break your next deal. So, what exactly is an offering memorandum, and why should you care about it? Let's examine the benefits of creating an offering memorandum for your next real estate investment.

Real estate firms constantly look for ways to streamline the closing process and cut costs. When you're ready to take your real estate business to the next level, it's time to think about creating an offering memorandum. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know in order to create a real estate off-market offering memorandum.

What is a Real Estate Offering Memorandum?

A real estate offering memorandum is a set of terms and conditions that you require your buyer to sign before they commit to buying your property. It serves as a contract between you and the buyer of your property. The seller's agent also has an offering memorandum. It contains terms and conditions that the seller's agent requires the buyer to sign.

In an ideal world, your buyer and seller's agents would also review the offering memorandum and sign off on it. This way, your listing agreement, contract, and what's known as an "offering memorandum" are all under one document. This document forms the foundation for a smooth transaction. It contains all the terms and conditions a client or seller's agent must sign before closing the deal.

Why is an Offering Memorandum Required?

Like most legal documents, real estate contracts are often delayed in being delivered or executed by either party. This is why you also need a listing agreement. Real estate transactions are complex, with many risks and opportunities for profits. The listing agreement lays out certain terms that protect both parties, no matter what happens.

Real estate agents and listing agents between buyers and sellers are legally required by their licensing organizations to deliver a listing agreement to all parties. When you are selling your property, the listing agreement is essentially a contract that defines the terms of the transaction. Your listing agreement should be in strict compliance with all applicable laws.

It should also be written in clear and simple terms. This is paramount because the listing agreement sets the tone in which the transaction will proceed. It should also address any contingencies that may arise.

Benefits of Having an Offering Memorandum in your Deal documentation

Having an Offering Memorandum in your real estate deal documentation will help you and your buyer to have all the transaction information together in one place; this will make your deal a smoother and easier process. The offering memorandum will guide the buyers and sellers throughout the entire process of closing the deal.

Many points are explained in the OM, including property conditions, total price, interest rate, and closing cost details. It is a major document as it will govern all aspects of a real estate deal. It is a contract between buyer and seller that describes what is expected from both parties in detail. Let's check out the key points for having an offering memorandum:

Benefits Impact
A fast and safe investment When sellers are ready to unload their property, they will first look for a buyer. The listing agreement is the first step in finding a buyer. If you have a well-written, comprehensive listing agreement, the seller will sign and deliver it to the buyer without hesitation. This is how a reliable offer is formed.
Less paperwork The listing agreement is much less paperwork and fuss compared with making a contract. The listing agreement or the memorandum is a legally binding document. The buyer and seller are bound to it by law. You don’t need to go through months of legalities and court dates.
A roadmap for negotiations The listing agreement is a roadmap for negotiations. It lays out the terms of the offer, and it’s always a good idea to have a roadmap in case negotiations go awry.
Protection against fraud The listing agreement is a safeguard against fraud. The law requires the seller and buyer to approve a seller’s agent.
Documentation of interest The listing agreement is a record of interest that documents your right, as the seller, to sell the property.

It is greatly beneficial for a company to have an offering memorandum in their deal documents, it helps to avoid misunderstanding between the company and the investors and streamline the process of raising funds, and it will reduce the time taken to close a deal. The offering memorandum also protects the interest of both the company and the investors. As well as being legally binding it can be used in any potential disputes between them.

The offering memorandum acts as the real estate springboard to help close a deal. To get clear pictures of the offering memorandum in real estate, we have infused graphical visualization of specific aspects of this legging documentation in an infographic. Let’s take a look at:

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Real Estate Offering Memorandum for Your Next Deal

Ways to Write an Offering Memorandum for Your Deal

The process of writing an offering memorandum for your next real estate deal is quite similar regardless of the type of property your listing for sale or how much. The main thing you need to remember is to keep it extremely simple and to the point so that everyone understands the terms of the agreement without any confusion. The four ways to write an offering memorandum for your next real estate deal are:

  • Use a style guide: There are many types of real estate documents, and it's important to know the difference between them. The listing agreement is one type of real estate document that differs from the purchase agreement. The listing agreement is more of a roadmap for negotiations and protection against fraud.
  • Organize your documents: There are many different ways to organize your files, and you need to know which way works best for you. You can use a filing system with separate folders for each document type. You can also use cloud-based software that provides real-time file management and search functions.
  • Equip yourself with knowledge: Before you even begin writing your offering memorandum, you need to know what you're doing. You can do so by reading articles online and books about various aspects of real estate investing.
  • Get help from a pro: In some cases, you may want to bring in a professional to help you write your offering memorandum. It is especially the case if you're not familiar with real estate law.

Key Things Include in Your Offering Memorandum

The property's title is very important and should be included in the offering memorandum. The property title should include the owner's name and the property address.

  • In your commercial real estate offering plan, you should include An overview of your company and its mission, as the financial projection of the property's value and the projected income that the property will generate should be included.
  • A business plan that precisely outlines how you intend to operate the property, including marketing strategies, expenses, revenue projections, and a timeline of when you expect to close on the property and when you can begin making rent payments are other crucial clauses to consider.
  • Ensure to include a list of references from past or present clients who can vouch for your company's reputation and ability to execute projects successfully. And if there are any applicable government agency documents such as permits or inspections reports that will be needed for the property to be resold or rented out.
  • It should cover the legal and marketing material, including an executive summary, risks and disclosures sections, deal structure details, and an investor suitability form. Total estimated investment required (including down payment), interest rate, Annual percentage rate (APR), closing cost, and any other hidden charges, including closing costs that can be avoided if the buyer makes a larger down payment.


Creating an effective offering memorandum is crucial for any real estate investor. It ensures they have all the details necessary to sell their property at a successful price and make a profit. Users who find themselves in such situations will benefit greatly by using a real estate investment consultation. A well-informed investor can create an effective offering memorandum that describes the property accurately while addressing any potential risks involved with the sale.

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