Sep 20, 2023

How Sponsors Can Improve Transparency with Their Investors

Jacob Blackett
How Sponsors Can Improve Transparency with Their Investors

Transparency has been a significant consideration for real estate investors today. Real estate sponsors need to improve their working style and adopt technology to build trust with their investors.

A well-designed real estate syndication software helps real estate sponsors make transparency a part of their work culture. Sponsors can create their investor portals and encourage investors to register there. Apparently, sponsors are expected to maintain transparency at the best possible levels during the entire investment lifecycle.

Real estate sponsors can improve transparency with their investors through the following initiatives:

Round the Clock Access

Real estate sponsors can provide investors with 24/7 access to the investor portal. This feature improves investor relations. As investors can access their dashboard and other elements of the CRM, the investment process becomes crystal clear for them.

Compliance with Legal Aspects

Sponsors can comply with the Corporate Transparency Act and other legal requirements while operating a real estate syndication. Adhering to the norms and expectations of the governing authority keeps the sponsors and investors totally safe throughout the investment lifecycle.

Disclose Possible Gains

Sponsors can enter into an agreement with the investors, promising the proposed distributions. Clarity about ROI increases the confidence of investors. Electronic signature and bulk document upload feature help sponsors and investors quickly get together for a deal based on mutual gains.

Effective Information Sharing

Real estate sponsors can develop investor relations and maintain transparency by sharing investment-related and project-related crucial documents with a click. As investors would know the project details and what they would earn out of it, there would not be any confusion.

Real-Time Insights

Every real estate investor should get real-time insights on investments and other investment opportunities. Sponsors can provide this through their real estate CRM. By keeping investors on the same page during the property acquisition and management phase, the process of fundraising and distributions becomes more transparent.

Accurate Financial Reporting

The real estate sponsor can carry out online fundraising and distributions and maintain records. Real estate syndication software offers accurate and real-time reports. On the other hand, real estate investors can glance at their account statements and information with a click.

Electronic Payment Transfer

Sponsors can raise funds from investors and distribute profit shares through the portal by using the electronic funds transfer facility. This makes transactions faster, smoother, and transparent. Simultaneously, all transactions would be recorded in the portal automatically.

Quick View of Investment and Distribution History

The real estate sponsors can adopt a real estate CRM that provides a dedicated investor dashboard, displaying the overall history of investments and distributions. As the real estate investors get real-time information on their dashboards, everything remains clear at both ends.

Timely Portfolio Performance Updates

Sponsors can update investors regarding portfolio performance by using real estate syndication software. The CRM also provides graphs representing the amounts for ease of understanding. Financial forecasting is another feature that lets investors know where they are heading with a great deal of clarity.

Encourage Portfolio Diversification

The real estate sponsors can encourage the existing investors to invest in other projects in multiple locations and belonging to different property classes. CRM allows sponsors to communicate with potential or current investors with their project summaries. It makes it easier to diversify investment portfolios and gain consistently.

Here is an infographic that describes similar factors that would help you gain trust and maintain transparency with your investors. The infographic brings a quick overview of the most critical elements sponsors must adhere to while operating their real estate syndication business:


The Bottom Line

The article and the following infographic explain various significant aspects of transparency between real estate sponsors and investors. We intend to help sponsors improve their investment management skills by treating real estate investors as crucial and close companions in their investment journey.

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