Jan 21, 2023

Begin Your Day by Getting Things Done Swiftly

TJ Lokboj
Begin Your Day by Getting Things Done Swiftly

How can you boost your productivity as a real estate investor and get started on tasks daily? Many things can stop you from getting out in front of the day and getting those things done. However, you can avoid this with a trusted system for getting things done. Getting things done will do amazing things for your sanity and productivity. When you’re being bombarded with requests and tons of information, you need a reliable and technology-driven system to help you get things done. Even the most organized person can get overwhelmed without a steady system.

TIP #1: Get the To-Do List Out of Your Head

It’s not okay to simply make a mental note of your pending tasks. This is absolutely not a prudent way. You can easily mix things up when you rely on only memory. Then, some people consider one more thing as an improvement over memory: writing them down. Is it better to have your desks overflowing with files and a dozen more sticky notes attached to your computer? No, it’s not. There is a better way. You should get the to-do list out of your head into one trusted system where you can have them into specific categories. A useful tool is Evernote. With Evernote, you can customize your system according to your preferences.

TIP #2: Keep an Organized System

It’s one thing to get the to-do list into a digital space, but it’s another thing to make it accessible. With an organized system, you can access any information whenever you want without searching for several minutes. All your work includes upcoming meetings, voicemails, and emails. You can sort your tasks into categories. Sorting helps you accomplish important tasks faster, file tasks for future reference, and delete files that aren't necessary.

TIP #3: Create a Waiting List

Right in your email account, you can create a WAITING label where you save requests or questions that need a response. As a real estate investor, you would have to reach out to multiple people at a time. It would be stressful asking yourself every minute, “Have I heard back from Mark about this property yet?” Imagine erroneously thinking that you haven’t gotten a reply and then going through the embarrassment of asking again. It’s not a good look to have clients think of you as disorganized. Relieve your mind of this unnecessary burden by checking in on the label to stay up-to-date.

TIP #4: Have an Action List

If you aren’t ready to get a particular task done immediately, you should create an action list for pending tasks. This will help you keep track of all activities without confusing one for the other. Remember, the goal is to keep your mind as clutter-free as possible. When your projects are appropriately categorized, you won’t spend so much time worrying about what to do next.

TIP #5: Have a Weekly Review

Every week, clean up your system and review both short and long-term goals. This will give you a visual representation of your tasks and goals, helping you prepare for another week of work and closing deals. Even in our everyday life, it’s helpful to take a moment to evaluate our goals for a specific period.

TIP #6: Have a Reliable Reference System

As a real estate investor, you must rely on a reference system that helps you get things done productively. First, you need that trusted system which you can take everywhere with you. This can be in a portable form like your tablet with internet access. Then, your reference system should contain information on various properties. You can create a folder for each property. A label within each folder is named appropriately to make all files easily accessible. It’s a great idea to keep a list of referrals and their contact information on a Google Doc file. This will ensure that you know who to meet when you need a task done. Feel free to customize your system. The result is to have one that effectively helps you get out in front of your day and get things done promptly.

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