Sep 12, 2023

A Waitlist to Get Wise Investments at the Right Time

Jacob Blackett
A Waitlist to Get Wise Investments at the Right Time

Is it better to have about a dozen properties available for sale with no forthcoming buyer or a dozen people patiently waiting to buy properties when you have them available? We know which one you would prefer, and that’s where a waitlist comes in. You can build a dedicated list of potential investors or buyers with the right level of dedication.

The principle governing a waitlist is quite simple. You could want a rare property that is usually available on a few occasions. However, this property has a high demand in the property market, and it’s gone just as fast as it appears. wouldn't it be fantastic if you could be prepared with a waitlist of potential investors well within time, and be the first to know as the property would be available for purchase? Of course, you’ll be sure of your profits by the time you’re ready to flip it or get your return on investment. This works both ways.

Why you need a waitlist

As a real estate investor, you can also create a waitlist of people interested in purchasing properties and establish a direct line of communication with them. The waitlist keeps you all set to close a deal, as you can connect with the potential investors through some simple clicks, at the right time. Here are a few significant benefits of preparing a waitlist of potential investors:

Customer development

One secret to winning as a real estate investor is to know your target audience and connect with them. To attain consistent success as a real estate investor, your ground-work to engage the target audience is always crucial. You can encourage potential investors to sign in to your waitlist. Wise investors would always be in search of the right properties to invest in. You can bridge the gap between such investors and the properties available for sale and high in demand, through your waitlist. Thus, the preparation of a waitlist can serve as an optimistic drive for customer development. Of course, you should let them know that they would be the first to be notified when that property is available. It’s a win-win situation.

Marketing opportunity

We’re not talking about property marketing, but there’s so much you can do with a list of customers waiting for the right deal. If you play your cards right, you can turn this waitlist into your email subscribers who can access other resources you’re willing to make exclusively available to them. You can utilize your waitlist for consistent communication with your target audience in an interactive manner. Suggest the right methods and seek suggestions to improvise as well. You can be the expert providing much-needed valuable guidance. Again, you would have bright chances to gather investments when needed. When done right, you won’t come across as pushy or salesy but a valuable contributor to their real estate journey.

Direct communication channel

People who join your waitlist are a very valuable audience. They have indicated that they are interested in doing business with you in the foreseeable future by joining this list. Email marketing gives you direct access to their inbox. Consider this as an opportunity to design and execute a campaign for a chosen few. Obviously, posting crisp, compelling, and persuasive emails is cost-effective compared to running Google Ads and paid ads on social media. You would be nurturing a set of valued prospects, rather than floating ads visible to irrelevant people as well. Sure, you’re working with a smaller number, but you know that these are people you can count on to make a purchase when your properties are available.

Getting a waitlist and acquiring investments at the right time is the way to get positive results as a real estate investor. So, all you have to do is find out the properties your target audience wants and let them know that you are the right person to help them purchase this seamlessly. It’s one of the smartest strategies in the real estate world.

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