May 5, 2023

A Holistic Approach to Getting Real Estate Leads

TJ Lokboj
A Holistic Approach to Getting Real Estate Leads

Even the best real estate agents could get overwhelmed by the challenges presented in searching for real estate leads. All the sales tips in the world become irrelevant to closing deals when you don’t have good real estate leads.

It’s all about your ability to leverage various marketing channels and connect with potential investors. So, what holistic approach can you take to getting leads? Here are a few of them.

Build Your Network

Anyone in real estate has to network as much as possible. Dial prospects randomly on your phone, volunteer at local charities, talk to your neighbors or send out networking emails. You should never underestimate the power of a thriving network, as that could come in handy when you least expect it.

It’s also great to talk to those you already know, as these are the people you have built through trust. When you leverage this connection, they would always remember to contact you if they know anyone in the market for a home.You have the trust and friendship factor working in your favor in this scenario. To establish that important personal connection through networking, start with creating your personal website. We live in a digital age, and any client who finds a business that has no website will most likely turn away without looking back.

Websites serve as the face of your brand. Also, be as active as possible in your local community. It could be just participating in small events, attending career days, or volunteering at local groups.

Ask for Referrals

In the world of real estate, you can overemphasize the importance of referrals. When you cold call a prospective client who has no idea who you are, they may be reluctant to give you that audience you seek. However, it’s so much different when you start the call with, “I’m (NAME) and (NAME) referred you to me as someone in need of a property downtown.”

You have just told them your intention and gotten their attention with the name of someone who has their trust. With referrals, you have an instant “in” with the potential customer. In so many ways, this saves you valuable time. Ask for referrals politely and respectfully, and don’t forget to thank them when they do. A handwritten thank-you note will work nicely and build a positive relationship with the person.

To increase your rate of referrals, remember always to ask. People wouldn’t just offer up a referral, but you’re better off making your intention known. You can also offer a few incentives like free videos or other materials to clients in exchange for a referral.

Collect Data and Create Your Sales Process

No two real estate agents can have the same sales process. This will be tweaked according to their client base and level of efficiency. So, you should consider the process of collecting data and creating your sales process when trying to get leads.

Outline a well laid-out strategy for your referral process, cold calls, and getting new leads. First, start with compiling data on your customers, including their demographics, where you found them if they would subscribe to your newsletter, and other factors. With this information, you can create a solid plan to follow for as long as possible. To make things easier, get in on a real estate email marketing software that lets you conduct automated campaigns and contact leads without stress.

Explore the Power of Social Media

When we talk about getting real estate leads, the first option is to check out social media platforms.  However, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t have thousands of followers.  Still, the plus side is that you can use the visual features to share eye-popping graphics for your target market. People respond more to visual representations, and they could feel like they are taking a tour of their dream home.

On social media platforms, you can find people to interact with and also come across as a knowledgeable person with so much information to share. As long as you’re not too sales-y about it, you’ll find that people will be naturally drawn to your page. Be free to get innovative when sourcing real estate leads. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this busy market.

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