Jan 31, 2023

12 Reasons Real Estate Influencer Marketing Is Going to Be Big in 2023

Jacob Blackett
12 Reasons Real Estate Influencer Marketing Is Going to Be Big in 2023

Real estate marketing is blossoming and coming up with innovative advertising ideas. Real estate influencer marketing is among the most preferred methods to connect ambitious real estate projects with prospective buyers. Real estate brands leverage social media to improve their reach and attract the segmented market.

Influencer marketing helps real estate brands reach out to the enormous following the influencers have on well-known social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Is influencer marketing practically going big in the upcoming years? This article takes you through various angles and perspectives about the impact of real estate influencer marketing on investing in real estate.

Let’s delve into the 12 reasons real estate influencer marketing is going to be big:

1. Influencer Marketing Leverages Powerful Media

You already know the power of social media and the digital footprint real estate brands can create by proactive promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Influencer marketing is trending in the real estate industry, primarily through their business channels on these most popular platforms.

Promoting upcoming real estate projects and events through popular influencers on social media channels can make extraordinary things happen! Social media platforms have been a powerful channel to simultaneously take real estate projects to thousands of followers.

2. Helps You Reach the Right Audience

Real estate investors take the help of various sources to find profitable deals. Influencer marketing effectively promotes elite to affordable real estate projects, so investing in real estate according to location preferences and financial goals becomes accessible to many potential investors.

3. Influencers’ Opinions Impact Investment Decisions

Real estate marketing becomes more effective when brands rely on influencers. The target audience knows these famous faces for their expertise and experience in real estate.

When a famous influencer promotes a real estate project, the conversion rate rises high, at a reasonable marketing cost for the real estate brands.

4. Adds ‘Emotions’ to Investing in Real Estate

Buying a home or an investment property has many ‘emotional’ angles. Influencers add a ‘personal’ touch to their promotional videos - making the property they promote ‘the dream home’ for home seekers and real estate investors with a plan of action to earn profits from a beautiful property.

5. Proven Way of Real Estate Marketing

Real estate influencer marketing statistics indicate the growing popularity of this marketing method over the last 5+ years. In 2022, real estate influencer marketing projects a $16 billion industry. It is estimated to grow beyond in the upcoming years.

The growth is due to the acceptance of this method by big players in the real estate industry and magnificent responses by social media users.

6. Promotes USPs Innovatively

Influencer marketing opens up enormous possibilities in real estate marketing. Real estate marketers can collaborate with influencers to develop informative, compelling, and thought-provoking promotional videos. That way, real estate brands can most effectively convey the USPs of their properties.

7. Influencer Marketing is Economic

Bloggers and freelancers have ruled the content marketing space in the last few years. The cost of a real estate project review on a popular blog (through a sponsored promotion) is climbing high. However, when you consider the number of qualified leads, it creates, real estate influencer marketing costs are reasonable.

8. It’s Much Better Than Paid Ads

Paid advertising on social media is ‘boring’ due to the repetitive concepts and presentation methods. Real estate brands can attract real estate investors by placing a well-designed promotional video featuring a famous influencer to make the information more attractive, trustworthy, and authoritative.

9. SEO-Friendly Advertising Method

Real estate brands and marketers can design content for influencer marketing, adopting the best SEO techniques. In-depth keyword research and the knack to promote real estate projects as solutions to the audience’s pain points can help them rank higher on popular search engines.

If planned precisely, real estate influencer marketing can take the success of online marketing campaigns to new heights.

10. Effective Form of Native Advertising

Investing in real estate is a multidimensional game, and real estate investors prefer good properties in prime locations for investing. Influence marketing helps brands rule the native market in their category of real estate projects.

Because of influencer marketing, interested real estate investors can find the best properties in their preferred property type, class, and location.

11. Influencer Marketing Produces Assessable Outcomes

Prominent real estate brands work through an effective social media marketing strategy. The impact of influence marketing creates tangible results in terms of impressions responses, such as likes, shares, comments, retweets, and more.

Modern analytic tools allow marketers to gauge the results of influence marketing campaigns. They can monitor the lead flow and reconfigure their strategies if required.

12. Creates the ‘Wow’ Factor for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investment starts with finding the best possible deal with great ROI. Influencer marketing emphasizes the most crucial aspects of any deal. Some or other property elements may have the ‘Wow!’ factor.

That encourages real estate investors to go ahead and express interest in the deal. In paid advertising, such kind of ‘encouragement’ may be missing - as the CTAs may be repetitive.

We created an infographic compiling these reasons for skyrocketing growth of real estate influencer marketing. It will help you understand and remember various aspects of the impact of influencer marketing on real estate investors.

Take a look at the infographic:

Real Estate Investment Marketing Going Big in 2023

To Summarize

Real estate influencer marketing is growing big! We hope that the various aspects of influencer marketing will provide an all-new perspective for real estate marketing strategists. Leverage real estate influencer marketing to take the success of your real estate marketing campaigns to the next level.

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