SyndicationPro: Market Comparison

SyndicationPro Vs JuniperSquare Vs IMS
The Best Real Estate Investment Management Software

SyndicationPro is the ‘no-brainer’ choice for Real Estate Investment Management software. The value for money, ease of use, and extended functionality are just not available with any other real estate investment management software. We built a better product because we use SyndicationPro everyday in our own Real Estate Syndication Business.

Cost of Ownership
Cost of Ownership
Cost of Ownership

Like you, we know a bad deal when we see one. We went out and built out a platform for real estate syndicators because paying north of $50,000/year for an Investment Management Software never really made sense! From a value perspective, SyndicationPro is a no-brainer compared to all competitors.

Time to Market
Time to Market
Time to Market

SyndicationPro has the fastest migration and onboarding process in the industry. You can sign up and create your portal in just a few clicks. If you are looking to upload data from another platform, we can typically get you up and running within 2 to 7 business days. Best of all, our onboarding is completely free compared to $2,000 charged by IMS.

Co-Sponsor Module
Co-Sponsor Module
Co-Sponsor Module

Raise more money and close bigger deals by partnering with real estate firms. We protect your lead information for both you and your co-sponsor. Information is only shared when the investor makes a commitment.

Compare All Features
Juniper Square
SEC Complaint CRM
Mass Email Templates
IMS mass
IMS templates
IMS email
Drip Email & Email Automation
IMS drip
IMS emails
IMS automation
Drag & Drop Email Designs
IMS drag
IMS drop
IMS designs
Unlimited Leads & Investors
IMS unlimited
IMS leads
IMS investors
Automated Sales Funnel
IMS automated
IMS sales
IMS funnel
Website Sign Up Form
IMS website
IMS signs
IMS login
2-way Email Sync
IMS 2way
IMS sync
IMS sync emails
Notes & Custom Fields
IMS notes
IMS custom
IMS fields
Relationship & Accreditation Tracking
IMS relationship
IMS tracking
IMS Accreditation
Reminders & Tasks
Q4, 2020
IMS reminders
IMS tasks
Full Contact Activity Log
 full IMS
IMS Contact
IMS activity
Custom Contact Lists & Segmentation
IMS custom
IMS contact lists
IMS segmentation
Send Custom Invites to Sign Up
IMS send
IMS custom invites
Raising Capital
Automated Investment Process
IMS automate
IMS invest
IMS process
Fully Integrated eSign
IMS fully
IMS integarted
Co-Sponsor Module
IMS co-sponsor
IMS module
IMS modules
One Page Workflow Management
IMS one page
IMS workflow
IMS management
Live Metrics & Notifications
IMS live
IMS metrics
IMS live metrics
Reservations & Soft Committments
IMS reservations
IMS soft
IMS commitmnets
Investment Management
Personalized Investor Dashboard
IMS personalize
IMS dashboard
IMS investors
Document Sharing & Management
IMS document
IMS sharing
IMS management
Investor Updates
IMS investorrs
IMS updates
IMS manage
IMS distribution
IMS distribute
IMS distributionss
Pro-Rata Calculations
IMS pro rate
IMS calcuations
IMS calculate
Waterfall Calculations
Q4, 2020
IMS waterfall
IMS calculation
Login As Investor
IMS login
IMS as
IMS invest
Invite Users To Account
IMS login
IMS users
IMS account
Branded Investor Statements
IMS branded
IMS investmg
IMS managemets
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