SyndicationPro: An Alternative to Juniper Square

SyndicationPro vs. Juniper Square
Real Estate Syndication Management Software

SyndicationPro is the ‘no-brainer’ choice for real estate investment management software. The value for money, ease of use, and extended functionality are just not available with any other real estate investment management software. We built a better product because we use SyndicationPro every day in our own real estate syndication business.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

We understand that building a Real Estate Investment Firm goes beyond Investment Management. Features such as sales and investor sustainability funnel, robust marketing automation tools, co-sponsor module, a services marketplace, and several more help you identify and nurture new investors so that you can go after bigger deals and build a bigger business.

Cost of Ownership
Cost of Ownership
Cost of Ownership

Like you, we know a bad deal when we see one. We went out and built out a platform for real estate syndicators because paying north of $50,000/year for an Investment Management Software never really made sense! From a value perspective, SyndicationPro is a no-brainer compared to all competitors.

Co-Sponsor Module
Co-Sponsor Module
Co-Sponsor Module

Raise more money and close bigger deals by partnering with real estate firms. We protect your lead information for both you and your co-sponsor. Information in only shared when the investor makes a commitment.

Compare All Features
Juniper Square
SEC Complaint CRM
Mass Email Templates
Juniper Square CRM
Juniper Square SEC
Drip Email & Email Automation
Juniper Square Drip
Juniper Square Email
Drag & Drop Email Designs
Juniper Square Drag
Juniper Square drop
Unlimited Leads & Investors
Juniper Square Unlimited
Juniper Square Leads
Automated Sales Funnel
Juniper Square automated
Juniper Square sales
Website Sign Up & Login Pages
Juniper Square website
Juniper Square signup
2-way Email Sync
Juniper Square way email
Juniper Square sync
Notes & Custom Fields
Juniper Square notes
Juniper Square custom
Relationship & Accreditation Tracking
Juniper Square
Juniper Square tracking
Reminders & Tasks
Q4, 2020
Juniper Square Reminders
Full Contact Activity Log
Juniper Square Full
Juniper Square Contact
Custom Contact Lists & Segmentation
Juniper Square Custom
Juniper Square Segmentation
Send Custom Invites to Sign Up
Juniper Square Send custom
Juniper Square Invites
Raising Capital
Automated Investment Process
Juniper Square Automated
Juniper Square Investment
Fully Integrated eSign
Juniper Square Full integarted
Co-Sponsor Module
Juniper Square Co-sponsor
Juniper Square Module
One Page Workflow Management
Juniper Square Workflow
Juniper Square page
Live Metrics & Notifications
Juniper Square Live metrics
Juniper Square Notifications
Reservations & Soft Committments
Juniper Square Reservation
Juniper Square Commitments
Investor Management
Personalized Investor Dashboard
Juniper Square Personalize
Juniper Square dashboard
Document Sharing & Management
Juniper Square document
Juniper Square sharing
Investor Updates
Juniper Square updates
Juniper Square investors
Juniper Square distributor
Juniper Square
Pro-Rata Calculations
Juniper Square pro rate
Juniper Square calculation
Waterfall Calculation
Q4, 2020
Login As Investor
Invite Users To Account
Investor Statements
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We ourselves are Real Estate Syndicators who are extremely well versed with the challenges within this industry, and we launched SyndicationPro with the sole desire to address all of these concerns. SyndicationPro is the only platform in the world that is built by Syndicators for Syndicators. Because of this, we have features such as the Co-Sponsor Module and Robust Marketing Automation tools that Juniper Square does not have in their product. And from a pricing perspective, it never quite made any sense to us to pay north of $50,000 a year for a software.

MBAs vs. Actual Investors/Operators

The core difference between SyndicationPro & Juniper Square is the founding team. We ourselves run a Real Estate Syndication Firm and inherently understand every little intricacy of your business. Compare that to people learning from reports and powerpoints. This core difference allows us to always be one step ahead and to deliver features that actually drive value.

Focused On You

SyndicationPro has one singular focus and it’s to provide you with the superpower to grow your business. The founders maintain full control of the company and even 55% of our investors are real estate syndicators using the SyndicationPro platform every day. There is no VC or PE Firm driving our agenda or chasing returns or a market. Our goal is to provide you, the real estate syndicator, the utility belt to scale your business.

Time to Market

SyndicationPro promises the fastest time to market. Your migration process is as simple as sharing your login credentials of your existing platform and your new platform can be ready in as little as 2 business days! Your Investors also have a seamless transition and are able to move on to the new platform by simply resetting their password!

In-App ACH Distributions

You can release distributions directly from your Investment Management Software. This simplifies the workflow and eliminates the back n’ forth process with the bank. The status of payments is also directly visible and tracked within the application. This service is available to select customers and will have a full roll out in Q4, 2020.

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