Raising Money For Real Estate Syndication Streamlined!

Investor Management

Land Soft Commitments Before Finding Your Next Deal


Know Exactly How Much Your Investors Plan To Invest

Through the reservations module, you are able to showcase your upcoming deals in order to secure soft commitments. This allows you to know exactly how much capital your investor base has before you sign a contract to purchase. This lets you know if you need to find more investor capital or find bigger deals.

Understand The Seriousness Of A Soft Commitment

Which investors are going to invest when its time to do the deal? You are able to understand the seriousness of each soft commitment by reviewing their activity log on the platform along with tracking conversations. Based on this information, you are able to update the likelihood status of each soft commitment to truly understand the amount of capital you will be able to raise.

Automate Your Fundraising Process


Showcase The Opportunity Online With Digital PPMs

Impress your investors through an institutional-quality presentation online. Over the past 5 years, we have optimized the investor experience to ensure investors get through the investment process without any questions or confusion. Display all documents for investors to view, print, or download, and provide key highlights, webinar replays, pictures, videos, and more on your secure investor portal.

Close The Fundraising Process Fast With E-Sign!

You are able to quickly close your investment round by automating the entire fundraising process. Our Real Estate Syndication Software walks your investor through every part of the investment process, including securely signing subscription documents and funding their investment. This significantly lowers the administrative burden on your investment operations, allowing you to focus on more important parts of your business.

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New Features To Raise Capital For Our BETA Clients

Fully Integrated Webinars

You can now introduce potential investors to a deal by directly hosting webinars within your platform. Along with adding to the overall institutional experience of the platform, you get deep insights into investor engagement. By knowing if an investor listened to the entire webinar or just stayed for a part of it, you are able to identify your true investors and you can also get ahead of concerns that potential investors may have.

First Look Period

Investors can be anxious to join your deal, so anxious that they will subscribe to the deal within minutes of you making it available to invest. This puts you at a potential liability with the SEC because, in a rush to make an investment commitment, the investor may have not read through your PPM in detail. Our Real Estate Syndication platform helps you avoid SEC scrutiny. We give you the ability to provide investors access to all of the offering details 48 hours before you begin accepting investment requests. This “First Look Period” provides investors ample time to review the documents and relevant information to make an informed decision.

Our Deep Product Roadmap

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