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Investor Portal

Provide An Institutional Experience To Your Investors


Delivering Transparency

Our Investor Portal allows you to professionally showcase your reservations and opportunities in a digital format. This includes leveraging rich text, videos, and images to truly help your investors get a first-hand look at investment opportunities. Real Estate Sponsors can also communicate updates, distributions, and upload tax documents such as K-1s through the secure SyndicationPro Investor Portal.

Self-Serve Investor Portal With Multi-Profile Support

Our Investor Portal allows investors to track their investments across different profile types like their LLC, IRA, Trust, or as an Individual. Investors also have the ability to generate investment reports and download all offering and tax documents directly through the platform. This functionality allows you to significantly lower operational overhead while making yourself available, digitally, 24X7, 365 days of the year!

Extended Functionality & Industry-Leading Security

So Simple, All Investors Can Use It

Deliver an effortless experience that won’t confuse or deter even your most tech-challenged investor. Thousands of investments later, we have perfected the investor experience to ensure they can find exactly what they need and do what they set out to do with ease. This saves you time as fundraising for your real estate syndications is seamless and investors remain happy and confident in your process.

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