Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Blogging Guidelines

SyndicationPro has an active community of real estate sponsors and investors keen to gain insights from seasoned professionals about fundraising, investor relations, and other similar topics mentioned in the ‘Topics’ section of the Guidelines. If you have knowledge and insights to share and would like to build your profile as a Thought Leader, you should go ahead and submit a guest post on our blog. Please read through the guidelines and the submission instructions below.


  • Real Estate Sponsors and Syndicators actively involved in deals.
  • Multifamily is the most common asset class owned amongst our audiences.

Topics We Cover

  • Debt & Equity Fundraising for Real Estate Syndication
  • Building an Investor Network
  • Identifying Investment Opportunities
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Investor Relations
  • Partnerships
  • Case Studies

Quality & Other Guidelines

  • The content must be original and not something that can be reposted on a personal or company blog.
  • In-depth content pieces that are typically between 1,200 and 1500 words. Shorter pieces of high value are also acceptable with a minimum length of 500 words.
  • No charges/fees for guest blogging.
  • Self-promotional content won’t be accepted. You can, however, insert one do-follow link to your website in your author bio.
  • It’s fine to use your own company as an example/use case — if sharing actual and measurable experiences or lessons, but only if it brings value to the reader.
  • Guest bloggers should include a short bio (70 words max.) for the footer.
  • You may link back to two (2) of your company’s blog posts or website in the post if it fits the context of your topic and enhances the lessons and message of your content.
  • Blatant keyword stuffing won’t be published.
  • Include visually-compelling content with large photos placed in the center of the post between paragraphs (560px * 5600 px) or with medium-sized photos placed in the top right corner at the beginning of a blog post (200px * 200 px). Always use Creative Commons and other copyright-safe sources. Be sure to match the image file name to the keyword being targeted in the headline.

Different Post Types

Blog Posts
Case Studies

What to expect if we accept your pitch

  • Exposure: SyndicationPro has an active community of Real Estate Syndicators. These are people actually doing deals and building strong businesses.
  • Social promotion: Our community manager promotes content on social media regularly on our own accounts and also various other platforms
  • Edits: Because the content we publish varies so significantly, our process for editing guest posts isn’t strictly defined. We might ask you to make a few changes or suggest a possible revision, especially if the content doesn’t match your pitch or doesn’t meet our quality standards.

How to Submit a Guest Posts

Please email with a few writing samples. If we approve them, then we will go ahead and work with you on a content calendar. We can suggest topics and are also open to your ideas.