Demand Generation Specialist

Demand Generation Specialist
Job Description
Demand Generation Specialist

Real Estate Sponsors use to raise capital and spend less time doing it. Our customers manage billions in assets through our Investor Portal and Investment Management platform. SyndicationPro includes a robust and easy to use Investor CRM, automated software to nurture leads, digitize fundraising, and centralize investor relations.

About the Position Demand Generation Specialist

The main role of the Demand Generation Specialist is to extend relationships with existing clients through interactions on social media and also to foster relationships with new clients, influencers, and other people in the real estate investing community. You may also have to answer a few product related questions as well. The main platforms for interaction will be Bigger Pockets, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.Along with social media, we are also expecting this individual to manage an invite-only Slack Group where paying subscribers are able to interact with each other and leverage it as a support group to grow their business. We will have specific channels talking about different topics such as fundraising, deal analysis, property management, and so on.The Demand Generation Specialist will be expected to host AMAs (Ask me Anything). To do so, the Demand Generation Specialist will need to recruit speakers/influencers and will also need to create buzz and generate enough interest to ensure attendance and engagement.The SynPro Community will build our brand so that existing customers and people in the real estate community should view SyndicationPro as an influencer and also as a place where they can come to grow their business.

Requirements for the Demand Generation Specialist
  • Understanding of real estate and a keen interest to become a Subject Matter Expert
  • Past Experience building a following on social media
What Your Day May Look Like
  • Identify Influencers, journalists, and potential customers to build relationships with
  • Identify speakers for running AMAs
  • Ideate around creating buzz around the events
  • Set, plan and implement social media (FB & Twitter) and communication campaigns and strategies
  • Respond on Forums as yourself, and also as Ghost Writer for the founders on Bigger Pockets
  • Interact and build the SyndicationPro Slack Group
  • Respond to customers in a timely manner with support questions that they may have
  • Relay feedback to internal stakeholders
  • Attend virtual and in-person networking events and relevant industry workshops
    What is in for you?

    This is quite honestly an enviable position for anyone looking to become a successful real estate investor! You will have insider access to deals and people and will learn actionable advice from the best. Consider this an MBA in Real Estate!

    Please email your resume or provide your Linkedin Profile to A short cover letter letting us know about you and why you are the right fit would also be appreciated.